Müster & Dikson is a dynamic manufacturer from Italy who has been for over 50 years in constant service of hair dressers and beauty studios. Müster & Dikson manufactures and operates in order to provide a better service along with a range of high quality products.

With production in over 6 factories in an area of 60,000 m2, Müster & Dikson can provide the seriousness and willingness of an articulate organization, active and characterized by a broad administration.

Müster & Dickson as the largest producer in Italy in the hairdressing field, operates on an international scale, exporting to over 70 countries worldwide.

Passion uses the world-renowned DIKSON.

• Always committed to innovation and new products.

• We use the most quality products and offer the services at the most affordable and qualitative prices in the market.

• Passion continuously provides innovation to the Kosovo market. For example, the first brings the newest experimented methods and services to Europe, USA and beyond.

For Passion, the story continues with every customer who is satisfied with the services of our studios.

And, every customer of ours, is a part of our history and success!