Established February 24, 2003, endless passion dedicated to customers.

Passion, since its founding on February 24, 2003, has been standing close to its customers with its quality, fast service and designed specifically for every customer. These services include comprehensive treatment for the beauty of clients, focusing more on the hairdressing field.

Passion’s success is attributed to the endless passion that is dedicated to customers.

The staff, atmosphere and considerable investment in the studio, services and pricing are at the center of attention to the client and its most effective and original look.

Passion firstly operated as a small beauty studio. Professional staff, large number of clients, multiple requests and support from partners made the number of studios grow progressively.

For Passion, the story continues with every customer who is satisfied with the services of our studios.

And, every customer of ours, is a part of our history and success!


The philosophy of expanding Passion’s services relies heavily on being closer to clients and more creative in fulfilling their beauty needs. Based on this philosophy, Passion plans other innovations in expanding the number of beauty studios.

Our Trend

During this period, Passion organized several presentations and fashion shows. At the same time, it became a worthy partner of many companies and personalities in the field of fashion and beauty through a large number of international and local seminars.

The first Albanian catalog

In 2004, Passion published the first Albanian hairstyle catalog with over 80 new hair styles. This catalog had a powerful effect in Kosovo and beyond, being considered as the beginning of a new culture in access to hair care and marked a qualitative step in the relationship between fashion and hairdressing in Kosovo and beyond.

…be part of our family!

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We invest in ONLINE management capabilities by creating the best platforms exclusively for the needs of our studio clients, providing a highly efficient and meaningful management for Passion’s client and staff.


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