Costumer Care

The Network of Beauty Studios Passion has paid particular attention to the care of the clients. Customer satisfaction from our services is at the focus of our work and attention. Customer Care Service is provided by professional, managerial and administrative staff, who are always ready to provide the information they need for clients.

The main features of customer care are:

Staff knows at any moment how to handle customer service needs. This makes it to be reflexive and stay as close to the customer. Our clients have where to approach at any time, if they need a service.

Both direct and other forms of communication (mail, email, phone, customer care boxes, Passion website, etc.), our customers are promptly devoted to time and dedication.

One of the most effective ways for Customer Care is customer feedback in the respective boxes located in each studio. These boxes are located in visible environments.

Passion staff is pleased to read customer feedback on all aspects of their work. An important element is measuring customer satisfaction with our services precisely through these comments. Satisfaction level has risen to be over 94%.

A very important component of Customer Care is also the various exclusive products that are offered to customers in our studios. These products are guaranteed and are given at very affordable prices.

Passion continues to pay close attention to first-choice products for customers, making their choice easier and safer.

Customer Care Services are:
Postal address: str. Mother Teresa, Commercial Center, 1st Floor No. 1, 10000 – Pristina, Kosovo
Email Address: [email protected]
Fix telephone number: +381 (0) 38 555 559
Mobile phone number: +377 (0) 44 222 222

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We invest in ONLINE management capabilities by creating the best platforms exclusively for the needs of our studio clients, providing a highly efficient and meaningful management for Passion’s client and staff.
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