The Network of Beauty Studios Passion has been established and works to provide complete services for your beauty. Passion does not underestimate any element of your beauty. Rather, it pays attention to everything that has to do with it. Passion works in a market of continuous evolution beauty services. With its multifaceted approach, Passion is the leader of changes in the beauty treatment culture in Kosovo and the region.

Passion advantages in relation to others include some of the following:

Passion appreciates the culture of customer care, for their beauty and assists them in building this culture.

Passion offers models, information and point of reference for cultivating the tastes of its customers.

Passion treats its customers with warmth and generous in the most emblematic and characteristic way for our culture, starting from close, individual and professional relationships with them; Passion capitalizes on customer relationships with the best cultural values, bringing innovation to work culture and professional approaches.

Passion constantly offers innovation to the Kosovo market. For example, the first brings the newest experimented methods and services to Europe, USA and beyond.

Passion offers a complete package for unusual customers for the Kosovo market. Visiting a Passion studio, clients do all the possible services that are related to hair and beauty.

Passion always cares for its customers by institutionalizing a system close to clients through frequent discount, membership cards, reward games and other methods to help seasonal customer needs.

Passion has established and functionalized the ‘Customer Care’ sector, which deals exclusively with addressing current customer needs, upgrading professional services and planning Passion activities based on predictions and prior information.

Passion invests in the electronic management capabilities of the entire work volume; Passion software, is specifically created for the needs of our studio clients which provides a highly efficient and meaningful management for Passion’s client and staff.

Passion at any time has the greatest service capacity in the region. Mentioning the fact that a single studio can work with 15 clients at any time of the day. Customer Satisfaction, who prefer to receive group services and at the same time, is unmatched in this case!

Passion designs services to the needs of each client in accordance with the conditions and dynamics of his life: social status, financial conditions and personality.

Passion offers the most professional and advanced staff in the Kosovo market, working on their further improvement.

Passion is proud to have collaborated in giant projects with serious partners, thanks to professional capacity. It is enough to mention one of the largest projects in Kosovo, held at 21 Square, where services have been provided to over 50 artists. Something like this has been possible and can only be achieved by Passion!

Passion has published the first Albanian hairdressing catalog with Albanian models, which contains over 80 new hair styles.

Passion, after publishing the first catalog, has also launched the second catalog, which contains over 200 new hair styles and many valuable hair care tips and tricks.

Passion constantly brings innovation to customers. In 2011, Passion promoted the third catalog of hair and makeup styles. The catalog contains over 120 new hair styles, lots of tips for healthy hair, 10 favorite hair styles and many other innovations.

…be part of our family!

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We invest in ONLINE management capabilities by creating the best platforms exclusively for the needs of our studio clients, providing a highly efficient and meaningful management for Passion’s client and staff.
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