M.A.C is the leading professional cosmetic authority, thanks to cosmetic skill.

M.A.C highlights the variety and individuality – we are for all ages, for all races, for all genders.

M.A.C is a proud community of professional make-up artists who work together to bring our vision into life.

M.A.C is at the forefront of newer fashions by cooperating with the leading well-known talents of  fashion, art and culture. Our artists create trends behind the scenes in fashion weeks worldwide.

Passion uses the world-renowned MAC.

• Always committed to innovation and new products.

• We use the most quality products and offer the services at the most affordable and qualitative prices in the market.

• Passion continuously provides innovation to the Kosovo market. For example, the first brings the newest experimented methods and services to Europe, USA and beyond.

For Passion, the story continues with every customer who is satisfied with the services of our studios.

And, every customer of ours, is a part of our history and success!