Our story is not just any story, but one that grew out of a great passion for beauty.

Founded in 2003 in the verdant province of Verona, Italy, Maxima arose from its founders’ decades of experience in professional Hair Care products manufacture and distribution.

Right from the start, Maxima sets out to develop the Research & Development Laboratory with considerable energy and resources.

The company’s mission is to distribute hair products and treatments exclusively to beauty industry dealers and to top-quality salons worldwide.

Passion uses the world-renowned NOOK.

• Always committed to innovation and new products.

• We use the most quality products and offer the services at the most affordable and qualitative prices in the market.

• Passion continuously provides innovation to the Kosovo market. For example, the first brings the newest experimented methods and services to Europe, USA and beyond.

For Passion, the story continues with every customer who is satisfied with the services of our studios.

And, every customer of ours, is a part of our history and success!