For more than 4 decades, IBD is a leader in the nail care industry, dominating the world-class technology market with incomparable innovation. As a leader in the field of nails for global professionals, IBD has developed iconic formulas in the strong gell sector, which has become the best-selling and necessary product in the industry.

With a wide range of professional nail polish products, IBD has changed the way nail care in beauty salons.

Passion uses the world-renowned IBD.

• Always committed to innovation and new products.

• We use the most quality products and offer the services at the most affordable and qualitative prices in the market.

• Passion continuously provides innovation to the Kosovo market. For example, the first brings the newest experimented methods and services to Europe, USA and beyond.

For Passion, the story continues with every customer who is satisfied with the services of our studios.

And, every customer of ours, is a part of our history and success!