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what="" are="" the="" terms="" &="" conditions="" of="" bepassion.com<="" span="">?

This is an important section of our website that explains the terms & conditions you agree to when you shop at bepassion.com or use it.

general<="" span="">

unless="" otherwise="" specified,="" materials="" in="" bepassion.com are addressed only to customers who access bepassion.com. Customers who choose to use the services of bepassion.com from other countries are responsible for compliance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

Any contract between us, whether for the use of the website, the use of services or the purchase of our products through bepassion.com, will be subject to the legislation of the Republic of Kosovo and all parties are subject to the decisions of the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities of Kosovo.

Each contract will be written in Albanian or English.

when="" in="" bepassion.com products classified in the category "Best sellers", are based on the best-selling products within the last 7 days! Meanwhile, when the products are classified in the "Disscount" category, it means that those products have different percentages of discounts and for a certain period.

We have taken maximum care regarding the content of bepassion.com; however, we cannot guarantee unimpeded or totally reliable access and thus cannot guarantee that all information will be up-to-date and error-free. To the extent permitted by law, Passion does not warrant the content of the website; expressly or impliedly, as to the accuracy of the information contained in any material in bepassion.com, and will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may be encountered as a result of problems with access, updates or potential errors in bepassion.com.

Passion shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of any of the information contained in the materials on our website.

some="" hypertext="" in="" bepassion.com may send you to other websites that are not under the control of Passion, if you activate any of these, you will exit the website of bepassion.com and we are not responsible for the content of other websites, which are not under our control.

We may use software owned or managed by third parties that is accessible by you. You must use these softwares in accordance with the terms of use set by the third party.

Your correspondence or participation in promotions, or business arrangements with advertisers found on or through our website, including the payment and delivery of other goods or services, and any conditions, warranties or representations associated with such arrangements are solely between you and them (advertisers). You agree that we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any such dealings, or as a result of the presence of such advertisers on our website.

The exclusions of liability set forth in these Terms of Use may not apply to any damages resulting from death or personal injury potentially caused by the negligence of Passion or our staff.

these="" "terms="" of="" use"="" will="" be="" based="" on="" and="" interpreted="" in="" accordance="" with="" the="" local="" law="" republic="" kosovo.="" if="" any="" provision="" this="" agreement="" (“terms="" use”)="" shall="" unlawful,="" void,="" or="" unenforceable="" under="" applicable="" law,="" other="" provisions="" remain="" full="" force="" effect.<="" o:p><="" span><="" p>="" Passion reserves the right to change the "Terms of Use" from time to time by posting other terms of use on this page: bepassion.com.


All brand names, products, titles and other reserved rights used on bepassion.com are trademarks, trade names and are reserved by their respective holders (the author).

Passion does not license their use to anyone other than the respective holders, and their use may constitute copyright infringement.

Rights reserved

All designs, text, graphics or the selection and arrangement thereof on this website are copyright of Passion or its content providers. Permission is granted to users to electronically copy or print portions of this site for their personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use of the materials on this site without the prior written consent of Passion is strictly prohibited.

Acceptance of orders

Working with the industry leaders in payment processing, we first verify your payment/order details and then notify you of the order by sending you a message to the email provided during registration.

In the meantime, your order may be subject to further validation checks. If your order passes our checks, we will confirm your order by notifying you via e-mail. After this confirmation we reach a legally binding agreement between us.

Passion reserves the right to limit the number of items available for sale to any customer. All orders are subject to availability. If an item is unavailable and you paid using a debit/credit card, you will not be charged for the canceled items.

We accept payment by most credit/debit cards. Payment will be debited from your account when we confirm your purchase. We also accept Passion card points; points will be deducted once you place your order.

All orders are subject to validation checks and authorizations from the card issuer. We may submit your order to a third party for fraud screening, who securely verify orders on behalf of uni-cosmetics, to eliminate fraud and protect our customers' transactions. We may also provide your address, date of birth and the value of your order to third parties and we will not be responsible for any potential delays to your order that may be caused by them. If your payment issuer refuses to authorize payment to us, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.

Orders can be shipped worldwide.

payment="" options

Please see the payment options below:

• Payment by bank card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, etc.)

• Payment after receiving the order (valid only for the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia)

• Bank transfer

• Western Union – Labinot Vitia, Pristina, Kosovo

• Money Gram – Labinot Vitia, Pristina, Kosovo

Ju lutem shikoni më poshtë të dhënat bankare:

1. ProCredit Bank:

Company name: Passion SH.P.K.

address:="" "mother="" teresa"="" square,="" shopping="" center,="" first="" floor,="" no.="" 1,="" 10000="" pristina,="" republic="" of="" kosovo.<="" o:p><="" span><="" p>="" Name of the bank: ProCredit Bank Kosovo J.S.C

Account number: 1189006791000179

IBAN: XK051189006791000179


2. TEB Bank:

Company name: Passion SH.P.K.

address:="" "mother="" teresa"="" square,="" shopping="" center,="" first="" floor,="" no.="" 1,="" 10000="" pristina,="" republic="" of="" kosovo.<="" o:p><="" span><="" p>="" Bank name: TEB Bank

Account number: 2033000070613776

IBAN: XK052033000070613776


We are the first company from the limited liability companies, which has enabled our customers to pay by bank card online.

we="" guarantee="" the="" security="" of="" this="" service!<="" span="">

Information about prices

bepassion.com<="" span=""> has paid great attention to the accuracy of the prices. Prices may change from time to time, so if you are using the My Account shopping list as a way to re-order items, pre-order prices may no longer be valid. However, the correct prices will apply when you select the item from the shopping list and add it to your current cart. All prices include VAT.

Company name and address

bepassion.com<="" span=""> is the commercial name of the company: PASSION SH.P.K. with address: Lakrishte Entry. 2- No. 2, 10000 Pristina, Republic of Kosovo, with unique identification number: 810825648, registered in Kosovo on 20.03.2013.

Returns Policy

We aim to offer the best quality products on the market and to be the most reliable partners to customers. We hope you always leave satisfied with our products but we also understand that there are times when you may need to return a product.

If you need to return any product, please see the following information:

· You can return the purchased product for any reason.

· Returns must be made within 10 days of your receipt date for a refund.

· Merchandise must be in its original, unopened, and unused condition.

· Please mail your return to Passion - Lakrishte Entry. 2- No. 2, 10000 Pristina, Republic of Kosovo.

· The product can only be returned with the invoice or tax invoice of the purchase and is always based on its value.

· If you pay in cash, the refund will be completed in the same way.

· If the payment was made by a credit card, returns will be credited to the original credit card used at the time of purchase. The refund will be processed within 14 days from the date of receipt of the returned product.

· In cases where the product you have purchased comes at a discount within 3 days from the date of your invoice, then we are obliged to compensate you the amount of the price difference or give you a coupon or Gift Card (your choice).

· You will be responsible for the return shipping & handling charges, which will not be refunded unless you received damaged merchandise.

· If you return the product with a postal company, then we do not take responsibility for any eventual loss/damage of the product by the postal company. Also, we do not proceed with the refund without receiving the returned product.

· Please do not mail any packages C.O.D., as they will not be accepted by Passion.

only="" items="" purchased="" on="" bepassion.com on our official social media, or purchased at our stores can be accepted for return. Items purchased from retailers that sell Passion products, cannot be returned at Passion.

please="" <="" span="">contact customer service if you have any questions or suggestions.

="" <="" span="">Exchange Policy

="" <="" span="">We are happy to exchange any merchandise that is defective, damaged, or unused. If you will need to exchange your product, please review the information below:

only="" items="" purchased="" on="" bepassion.com on our official social media, or purchased at our stores can be accepted for exchange. Items purchased from retailers that sell Passion products, cannot be exchanged at Passion.

please="" <="" span="">="" <="" span="">contact customer service if you have any questions or suggestions.

="" <="" span="">Damaged Products Policy

="" <="" span="">If you receive an item that is broken or damaged, you may contact customer service within 3 days for a replacement. Items will not be replaced after 3 days.

="" <="" span="">Although we aim to offer the highest quality products on the market, and test them in advance in the presence of cameras, unfortunately, there are rare cases where you can accept any damaged or defective product.

="" <="" span="">If you happen to encounter such cases, please contact customer service for a product replacement.

="" <="" span="">What are the general Passion Card scheme conditions?

  1. ="" <="" span="">The Passion Card scheme and Passion Card associated clubs and benefits are operated by Passion, with address: Lakrishte Entry. 2- No. 2, 10000 Pristina, Republic of Kosovo.
  2. ="" <="" span="">To understand the latest terms and conditions or for general enquiries please contact the Passion team using the contact us link.
  3. ="" <="" span="">Passion can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme, including these terms and conditions or any individual Passion Card account, at any time.
  4. the="" passion="" card="" scheme="" is="" only="" valid="" at="" ="" <="" span="">bepassion.com.
  5. ="" <="" span="">If we identify that you hold two or more Passion Card accounts, we may merge them into one account at our discretion.
  6. ="" <="" span="">The Passion Card scheme is for personal use only; business use is strictly prohibited and constitutes abuse. Passion reserves the right, at point of purchase or retrospectively, to determine whether a transaction constitutes business usage.
  7. ="" <="" span="">Passion can take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending a Passion Card account and points accrued, if we have reason to believe you are abusing the scheme or associated clubs and offers.
  8. ="" <="" span="">Passion will remove Passion Card points from Passion Card accounts that haven't been used for two years or have been closed.
  9. ="" <="" span="">To benefit from the Passion Card scheme, you must be aged 13 years or over. Passion will not communicate with a customer until an appropriate age of consent is reached, excluding the distribution of their permanent Passion Card.

What are the website offers and promotions terms and conditions?

general="" offer="" terms="" and="" conditions<="" span="">

passion="" advantage="" card="" points<="" span="">

What are the terms and conditions of the Passion app?

Shopping and Booking appointments with Passion has never been better with all the handy features in the Passion app, including access to all the latest, fantastic offers that are tailored just for you. Select the offers you love and load them instantly onto your Passion Card. It's that simple!

my="" offers<="" span="">

Once you have entered your Passion Card number you will be given access to the latest personalized offers for you to use in store. All you will need to do is activate the offer and it will instantly be downloaded to your Passion Card. If you don't have a Passion Card you can sign up from this page and start enjoying your offers as soon as you receive your Passion Card.

shop<="" span="">

You can access all the latest product discounts and special offers when you access our mobile bepassion.com website using the shop button. You can register, search for products and complete an order all while on the move.

scanner<="" span="">

If you would like to see the latest ratings and reviews for a product in store that is available online you can obtain these easily. The scanner will search for the product on bepassion.com then display the product information on your screen including the ratings and reviews for you to look through; helping you to find the information you need about our products at the touch of a finger.

locator<="" span="">

Can't find your nearest Passion Studio? Our locator can use GPS to help you find your way, or you can search by postcode or town.

information<="" span="">

From here you can rate or share our App and access the help section for more information on using the Passion app.