5 Types Of Foundation Formulas You Should Know

5 Types Of Foundation Formulas You Should Know

When you go down the makeup aisle, there are five main foundation formulas you’ll likely notice. Here’s what to know.

1. Liquid Foundation

One of the most popular options for foundation, liquid foundation, is just what it sounds like — foundation that has a liquid formula.

2. Cream Foundation

This type of foundation has a creamier, thicker consistency. It’s also usually a great option for those with dry skin.

3. Powder Foundation

If you have oily skin, you may find yourself turning to a powder foundation. While you can layer on powder formulas, they generally offer lighter coverage.

4. Serum Foundation

A trendy foundation type, serum foundation, is a variation of your standard liquid foundation. Its formula contains a serum, making it a skin care and makeup hybrid.

5. Water-Based Foundation

Those with acne-prone skin may find themselves turning to a water-based foundation. Another liquid foundation option, this foundation includes water as its main ingredient and is generally free of oils. 

Source: L'Oréal

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