Is Steaming Your Face Really Good for Your Skin?

Is Steaming Your Face Really Good for Your Skin?

You’ve most likely heard of facial steamers opening clogged pores and providing other skin care benefits, which makes face steam sound like a great addition to your skin care routine — but is it really? Keep reading to learn once and for all.

What Will Steaming Your Face Do?

At the root of this question is whether or not steam can open up your pores. Unfortunately, this age-old skin care advice is a myth. Your pores are always open! So, in this way, steam isn’t super beneficial to your skin.

Of course, there are other claimed benefits to steaming at home. And with those, there is some truth to what you’ve heard — even if it isn’t specifically for your face. According to the Mayo Clinic, steam emitted from a humidifier increases moisture levels in the air and can alleviate cracked lips and other health concerns.

When properly maintained, the steam can keep dry, cold weather conditions from being too harsh on your skin. If you need further reason to consider investing in a humidifier, the American Academy of Dermatology also lists humidifiers as one of their top dry skin relief tips. Alternatively, you can add a face steamer to your skin care regimen, which is specifically meant for the skin on your face.

Should I Wash My Face After Steaming?

Instead of washing your face before, you’ll want to wash directly after and then apply your skin care as usual. This is to remove any residue or oils that came to the surface of your skin during the steaming process.

Is It Good to Steam Your Face Everyday?

Even if you enjoy steaming, you shouldn’t do it everyday — you can do ten minutes a week at most. Similar to many skin care practices, steaming everyday can become harsh on the skin and your pores.

Source: L'Oréal

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