Fragrance Hacks to Smell Your Best

Fragrance Hacks to Smell Your Best

Every day, before leaving your house, what do you do? If you’ve been listening to all out best beauty advice, you give your strands a quick spray of dry shampoo, smooth on a cooling eye cream as a morning pick-me-up, and—of course—slather your skin with sunscreen. But how about spritzing your skin with your favorite fragrance? You probably wear perfume most days, you may even have a signature scent. But there’s always room in your beauty routine to smell better.

#1: Spritz Pulse Points

If you normally spray perfume on your wrists and neck, you’re on the right track. The best places to apply a fragrance are spots where you can feel your pulse. The reason being, the body heat generated by pulse points can positively impact the intensity of the scent. So, next time you’re putting on perfume, choose a few places to spritz from the following list: your wrists, the sides of your neck, behind your ears, inside your elbows, and behind your knees. You might just find your fragrance smells extra amazing that day!

#2: Layer Lotion Underneath Fragrance

We understand, you’re in a rush in the AM. (Who isn’t?) You skip your normal shower routine and completely forgo moisturizing from head to toe, but you still manage to reach for a fragrance and spray it directly onto your bare skin. The thing is, your fragrance won’t work its best this way. Taking an extra moment to apply lotion, even if just to the areas where you plan to spray your perfume, could have a dramatic effect on your fragrance. The reason being, when your skin is moisturized, fragrances last longer! So really, this hack saves you time in the long run, since you won’t have to reapply your fragrance later in the day.

#3: Spray and Walk Away

Not everyone wants to be as strongly scented as possible. If you’re worried about overdoing it, or simply prefer a lighter fragrance, try this trick: Spray your perfume into the air, then walk through it. You’ll pick up the perfect amount of perfume every time, it’s that easy.

#4: Use a Hair Fragrance

Before you spray your hair with perfume, know this: It could dry out your hair. While hair that smells amazing is universally adored, you shouldn’t attempt to spruce up the scent of your strands with the same fragrance you wear on your skin. The formula, which likely contains alcohol, might not be so great for your mane. If your shampoo and conditioner aren’t cutting it in terms of giving you the best smelling hair ever, invest in a hair fragrance. These sprays, meant specifically for hair, will make your locks totally sniff-worthy, without risking dry, damaged hair.

#5: Layer Multiple Scents

Instead of sporting any one scent as intended, layer multiple fragrances to create something that’s all you. That way, when everyone asks what you’re wearing, you can say it’s your own secret recipe.

#6: Sniff After the Fragrance Dries

When you’re shopping for a new scent, don’t spray it and immediately take a big whiff. You won’t get an accurate idea of what the fragrance will smell like most of the time. Wait a few minutes, then smell it once it’s dried. If you think you’re sold on it at that point, wait a little longer. Fragrances change the longer you wear them and you might just feel differently after a few hours.

#7: Take Storage Seriously

Stowing your perfume or cologne in your bathroom may seem convenient, especially if that’s where you put on your makeup or style your hair. But, as it turns out, the bathroom isn’t the best place to keep fragrances. The hot, steamy environment in your bathroom could actually be doing your fragrances a disservice. Trust us, your fragrances will fare better if kept in a cool, dry place.

Source: L'Oréal

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