Weak hair

Weak hair

Weak hair happens to the best of us, but you don’t have to be stuck with it.

It’s safe to say that strong, thick and lustrous strands fall under the definition of healthy hair, but achieving that isn’t always so easy. Bleaching, chemical treatments, the latest hair color trends and buzzy hairstyles are all fun to experiment with but they aren’t always the best for your hair. 

When your hair is weak, every aspect of your routine needs to be focused on making it stronger. With a few tweaks to your routine and the right arsenal of products, strengthening weak hair with visible signs of damage like hair breakage, dryness and split ends is totally possible. If you aren’t exactly sure where to start, take notes as we share signs of weak hair, what causes it.

5 Signs of Weak Hair

You can probably guess what weak hair looks and feels like in comparison to healthy hair — it’s dull, brittle, dry and laden with split ends and breakage. If you’re still not sure how to know if you have weak hair, keep an eye out for these five common signs of weak hair.

1. You’re Dealing With Breakage

Breakage is a pretty strong indicator of weak hair because it’s a significant form of damage. When the hair breaks off, that means it’s going through trauma. Sometimes breakage can be the result of a bleaching session gone wrong, and sometimes it can just be a combination of constant hair dye sessions, heat styling and ineffective hair products. If you have fine hair, you may find that you’re more prone to breakage and that’s important to keep in mind so you can keep it under control.

2. Your Hair is Dry

When we mention dryness, we don’t mean dry ends, we mean dry, brittle hair that is hard to style, rough to the touch and unruly. It’s hair that is significantly dry and in deep need of moisture throughout.

3. You Have Tons of Split Ends

Everyone deals with split ends, which is why routine trims and haircuts are so important for the health of your hair. If you neglect routine trims, the splits can move further up the hair shaft and can lead to breakage.

4. Your Hair Is Frizzy and Dull

If your mane isn’t looking its best, (i.e it’s frizzy, unruly and rough to the touch) this can also be a sign of weak hair. Maybe your hair is much frizzier than normal, maybe it looks lackluster, or maybe it’s just really hard to manage and style. If you’re experiencing this, there’s a good chance your hair is dehydrated, which means it needs water.

5. Your Hair is Thinning

If your hair is thinning or falling out, this can be a sign of weak hair and potentially a weakened scalp. If your scalp is extremely dry, flakey and rashy, this can lead to hair loss. Talk to a professional such as a board-certified dermatologist or trichologist to learn what you can do to address this. 

Source: L'Oréal

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