Why does hair start thinning?

Why does hair start thinning?

Sey tells that androgenetic (also known as male or female pattern) and telogen effluvium hair conditions are most commonly experienced, though loss often starts with general thinning. "Telogen effluvium is when you shed larger amounts of hair because your body has been shocked into moving your hair from the anagen or 'growth phase' to the 'telogen' resting phase, which causes excessive hair shedding," she explains. "Usually the shock can be cause by high grade fever, childbirth, surgery, or emotional distress."

Although the right growth vitamins can help mitigate hair loss with continued use, professionals advise speaking with an expert to find out the true root cause to prevent more thinning in the long run. "While someone might care about restoring their hair to its former luster and thickness, the cause of thinning ultimately determines the best method of treatment," says certified aesthetics, hair transplant, and restoration treatment physician at Eternal Hair and Esthetics Ednan Sheikh. "If a person is unsure what's causing their hair thinning, it’s best to consult an expert so they can determine the origin of hair loss and the right solution."According to professionals, hair-growth vitamins work by supplementing the natural processes needed to bolster the hair-growth cycle and augment the deficiencies causing thinning.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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