3 Ways You Can Remove Dead Skin Cells From Your Face

3 Ways You Can Remove Dead Skin Cells From Your Face

These simple steps are the key to a smooth complexion.

When it comes to keeping your skin in the best shape, you likely enlist the help of a solid skin care routine. However, no matter how many skin care products you have in your arsenal, dead skin cells will eventually make an appearance. When dead skin accumulates, it can cause your complexion to look dull and feel rough.

If you’re looking to keep dead skin at bay, as we suspect you are, it’s time you learn (or get a refresher in) the fundamentals of exfoliation. Follow along as we share three tips to help you master removing dead skin from your face.

What Causes Dead Skin Cell Buildup?

Before we dive into how to remove dead skin, it’s only right we explain what causes this pesky buildup. Like many skin care concerns, there are a myriad of reasons why dead skin on your face can become a concern. While dead skin cells are absolutely normal and part of how your skin refreshes itself, they can build up over time — which is when it can take a toll on your complexion.

Now we’re getting to the aspect of this topic you’re probably most interested in — learning how to remove dead skin from your face. Follow these four tips below to work your way to healthier-looking and more vibrant skin.

1. Pick Up A Face Scrub

When dead skin cells are getting you down, take matters into your own hands with a face scrub. Face scrubs are an example of mechanical exfoliation, which allows you to physically shed dead skin cells from your skin’s surface.

2. Use the Right Tools

Believe it or not, there are a few beauty tools you can use to remove dead skin. These tools are an excellent way to amp up your skin care routine while adding some exfoliation into the mix. Not to mention, they are another great method of mechanical exfoliation. Here are some of our favorites.

Facial exfoliating brush: If you’re knowledgeable about skin care and what tools to use, then you’re likely familiar with facial exfoliating brushes. Designed to be used on damp skin with a cleanser, this tool comes in handy to give your skin a deep clean while removing dead skin at the same time. We recomend these brushes.

3. Try Liquid Exfoliators

Another method we love for removing dead skin cells is liquid exfoliators. A great way to enjoy the benefits of chemical exfoliation, these formulas use mild exfoliants to dissolve dead skin. If your skin can’t handle traditional exfoliants or if you’re working with dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, liquid exfoliators are an excellent choice.

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