How to Apply Perfume

How to Apply Perfume

How to make your perfume last longer on your skin, plus other perfume and fragrance wearing tips on how to apply perfume and prevent fading.

A beautiful fragrance is warm poetic and complementary to the wearer but having your perfume fade and disappear within hours of your first spritz can be frustrating.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Hydrate Skin Before Applying Perfume

Fragrance and perfumes tend to hold better when applied onto hydrated skin. As fragrances cling to emollients keeping your skin well-moisturized can help perfume last longer. Whilst any lotion can provide hydration to your skin prepping skin with a scented body wash and scented body lotion which match your signature scent can create a fully immersive fragrance experience. In addition to hydrating the skin to assist in helping your perfume last longer this also provides further fragrance that subtly lingers throughout the day.

Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

Rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume may help you to quickly immerse yourself in the entirety of a perfume but perfume and fragrance pros wince at this widespread (but mistaken) gesture. Rubbing perfume into the skin crushes its delicate scent molecules altering the scent and causing it to fade faster. Help your perfume last longer by applying your fragrance and letting it sit and set into the skin.

How to Apply Perfume

Select Your Fragrance Carefully

Some perfumes are designed to be worn as a light subtle and skin-like scent. Light perfumes may be suitable for moments such as beach trips and traveling where confinement is a given but if longevity is your biggest fragrance concern then consider choosing a specific variation of perfume. Eau de Parfum typically has a higher concentration of fragrance oil in comparison to Eau De Toilette fragrances which are often lighter and more subtle in fragrance.

How to Apply Perfume Correctly

The best way how to apply perfume is to focus on the “pulse points” of the body to make perfume last longer. Apply perfume to the neck the insides of the wrists and the backs of the knees.

Don't Apply Perfume to Your Underarms

Whilst it may be tempting to spritz your perfume on certain areas to mask unpleasant scents it’s important to remember perfume doesn't work like deodorant. Perfume unlike deodorant has no antiperspirant or odor-banishing properties. Furthermore, consistent rubbing in areas such as the underarms may cause the essential notes in a fragrance to become disrupted and the high alcohol content in certain formulations may leave these areas of the skin suspectable to irritation.

Source: Lancôme

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