3 Exfoliating Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter

3 Exfoliating Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Body

Your face isn’t the only spot that’s dying to say goodbye to dead skin cells. Your body wants in on the action, too. Suds up a loofah or break out a body scrub to pay your body the same attention as you do your face.

  1. Always Follow Up with Moisturizer

You know that you should always moisturize after cleansing, and the same goes for exfoliating. Once you’ve finished removing dead skin cells, apply a gentle and hydrating moisturizer, which nourishes and replumps skin.

  1. Find the Right Frequency

While some skin types can handle daily exfoliation, others may be better suited to only exfoliating their skin once a week. Pay attention to how your skin responds to determine what works best for you.

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