What Is A Toner

What Is A Toner

It may feel like water but it does so much for the skin.

Shifting towards gentle, hydrating qualities and alcohol-free formulas, toner is a necessary skin care step that only elevates your routine. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, toner’s quick benefits make a strong case for adding it to your fall and winter skin care routine.

What Is Face Toner?

Toner may look like water to the naked eye, but don’t underestimate this quick-absorbing liquid’s power to boost hydration and plump skin while gently addressing your skin’s concerns. Toner is meant to be used right after cleansing and before applying serums and moisturizer — think of it as a primer for your skin care that aids absorption for the rest of your routine.

What Does Toner Do for the Skin?

Some toner formulas strictly hydrate the skin, while others can also refresh, brighten and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Some also claim to help tighten and shrink the appearance of pores, remove dead skin cells and even out skin tone. Many of today’s formulas are developed without alcohol and therefore, won’t dry out your skin or increase sensitivities.

Overall, toner is versatile in nature and this skin care step can be customized to suit your ever-changing skin care needs. One thing that many toners have in common is the way they boost hydration and improve absorption for your serums, active ingredients and moisturizer. 

Source: L'Oréal

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