What is a Keratin Treatment?

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Here’s what you need to consider before you book this popular hair smoothing treatment.

If you have naturally frizzy, unmanageable hair it may sound like a dream but there’s some important information you should know.

Are Keratin Treatments Good for Your Hair?

Keratin treatments can be good for the hair. When done properly, a keratin treatment won’t damage your hair, rather your strands will appear shinier, healthier and less frizzy. 

Can a Keratin Treatment Damage Your Hair?

If your hair is significantly damaged or very fine in texture, the process of a keratin treatment is lengthy and involves sealing the hair with the chemical formula and using heat to lock in the mixture, which can be damaging if your hair is already vulnerable. Repeated keratin treatments can also pose a threat to the integrity of your hair so space out your treatments every four to six months if possible.

As we mentioned before, many keratin treatments have a formaldehyde-based formula. According to research by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, in some cases unacceptably high concentrations of formaldehyde might be used in these treatments, which can be damaging to your strands. Additionally, formaldehyde is a carcinogen and poses a threat when it’s inhaled, according to the NCBI.

So again, it’s super important that you do your research and work with a professional who knows what they’re doing, and that includes having a space with proper ventilation or opting for a formaldehyde-free formula.

How Long Does a Keratin Treatment Last?

The amount of time your keratin treatment lasts depends on how well you care for it. Typically, you can expect this type of hair treatment to last for up to six months but it’s also worth noting that as your hair grows out, your roots will no longer be treated. How fast your hair grows can definitely play a role in the lasting potential of your keratin treatment, especially if you rely on it to tame wavy or curly hair texture. 

Source : L'Oréal

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