The Best Lengthening Mascaras for Longer Lashes

The Best Lengthening Mascaras for Longer Lashes

Most beauty trends have their time in the spotlight and then fade into the background. But when it comes to eye makeup, long, defined lashes will always be popular. You may not be blessed with naturally long eyelashes, but you can still get the look without relying on falsies.

This is where lengthening mascara comes in. A few coats of mascara can bring your lashes to new heights, but not all mascaras are created equal.

What Does a Lengthening Mascara Do?

A lengthening mascara focuses on elongating your lashes, making them look longer and more defined. Longer lashes can also make your eyes look bigger and more open.

Do Lengthening Mascaras Expire?

Lengthening mascaras, like all mascaras, expire and while you should check your specific products for an expiration date, most mascaras expire within three to six months.

What Mascara Gives the Best Length?

Lengthening mascaras will take your lashes to new heights with powerful formulas and unique brushes. Here are some picks to add to your makeup routine.

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