How Often Should I Wash My Natural Hair?

How Often Should I Wash My Natural Hair?

For those with natural hair, the hair washing process, namely the frequency of hair washing, has been a highly debated subject for years. Should you wash your natural hair every week or every two weeks? What about if you’re wearing a protective style?

When Should You Wash Natural Hair?

While it’s a common belief that it’s better to wait longer to wash when you have natural hair, some influencers and brands have touted the benefits of washing natural hair more often. But Henry says there is a thing as too often — you have to find balance.

“Regardless of any hair type, washing every day is not good,” she says. “It can dry out your hair and also, in some cases, create overproduction of sebum and cause oily hair. A general rule of thumb is to wash every other day.”

Your hair type will also play a role in how frequently you wash it. How often you’re washing it should be based on how much your hair needs it and can handle it.

Henry offered some general guidelines to follow when you’re still figuring out your routine. “For all hair, fine to medium hair [should be washed] every other day,” she says. “Medium to coarse hair once every three to four days. But for curly hair, I would suggest every four days to once a week. Coarse and curly hair tends to be on the dry side so overwashing it can cause even more dryness.”

There are also hacks you can employ if you’re not sure if your hair is due for a wash, such as washing with conditioner instead of shampoo, as Henry recommends. “Go through the same motions of shampooing but using conditioner instead,” she explains. “This will ensure you’re not over-washing and preserving your hair texture and color. This hack is great for our fitness lovers who get sweaty hair and want a little refresh.” 

Source: L'Oréal

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