How to Use Conditioner the Right Way

How to Use Conditioner the Right Way

This must-have in hair care won’t do you any good if you’re using it improperly.

In fact, not everyone realizes how to use conditioner the right way — some may not even truly know what conditioner does but they use it because they think they should.

What Is the Proper Way to Use Conditioner?

Just as you shouldn’t skip out on moisturizing after cleansing your skin, you shouldn’t complete your hair care routine without using conditioner.

Since shampoo cleans your hair and helps remove any buildup of product, oils and impurities, conditioning is important for adding moisture back into the hair. Conditioner restores hydration to your strands — particularly your ends.

1. Apply It to Your Lengths and Ends Only

It’s a good idea to apply conditioner only where it’s needed the most, for example, your mid-lengths to your ends since this part of your hair tends to be drier. Applying conditioner at your roots can weigh down your hair and cause your roots to appear greasy, even right after you’ve washed your hair. To avoid both, it’s best to only apply conditioner on your lengths and ends.

2. Leave It On Long Enough to Be Effective

If you apply your conditioner only to rinse it off immediately, you may not be reaping all of its benefits. Typically, you’ll want to leave the conditioner on for the amount of time listed in the directions on the packaging, which is usually between one and three minutes — just enough time to wash your face.

3. Apply the Recommended Amount

Before you go squirting half a bottle of conditioner into your hands post-shampoo, hear us out: When it comes to conditioner, less is definitely more — especially if you have fine hair. When you use too much, it can potentially make your hair look weighed down. A good rule of thumb is to use one or two quarter-sized dollops of conditioner, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. When in doubt, check the product packaging for recommended usage amount before you get started. 

Source: L'Oréal

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